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What are consultations?

A consultation is seeking a wide range of people’s views on a theme or proposed change that will make a difference to their lives.

Consultations can influence the decisions that are made, and shape the way that things are done.

When are consultations needed?

Consultations are needed when there is going to be a change to a service that could have an impact on people and communities.

How do we do consultations?

The Somerset Disability Engagement Service tries to include the views of as many disabled people as possible in each council consultation.

For each consultation, there may be different ways to get involved.  For some, it will be a survey.  For others, group discussions or one-to-one interviews. 

We will arrange for support for disabled people to get involved; for example, interpreters or sign language.

During the pandemic, the consultations will mostly be done online.  You can contact us directly if you’re unable to use our online consultation.  See the Getting Involved page for more details.

We also use social media as a less informal approach to consultation; using online discussions and polls.

Visit the Current Consultations page for details of live consultations.

Who can take part in a consultation?

Anyone over the age of 18 can take part in a consultation.  If you are under the age of 18 and you would like to take part in a consultation, you will need the permission of an adult.

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