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COVID Confident Communities

Are you worried about meeting in groups again now that COVID-19 restrictions have eased?

A new ‘COVID Confident Communities’ booklet has been produced by Spark Somerset with support from Somerset Community Foundation and Diversity Voice to ease any worries about returning to face-to-face community activities. This can be downloaded as a PDF, or there are a limited number of copies available from your local GP surgery, from Spark Somerset or from some community buildings (e.g. church halls, village halls) if you need a paper copy.

The government advice is rapidly changing and so it is important that we all keep up with what restrictions are in place, when considering whether to return to a face-to-face activity or club, or to start attending something new!

The various lockdowns over the past year and a half have impacted people in different ways, and we should be aware that some people may be more reluctant than others to return to socialising. The pandemic has had a negative effect on mental health and physical strength for some people, and it might be difficult for these people to reach out – if this is you, there is help available in your community so you can re-engage with others when the time is right.

Whether you’re running a community group, managing volunteers, or are a volunteer working directly with the public, this booklet has been designed to help you get out and about and gather safely again. It will also be useful for anybody who is looking to reopen a community building and accommodate everyone safely.

It’s full of useful information, including:

  • How to re-open safely 
  • Support for your group 
  • Getting active outdoors 
  • How to help others 
  • Looking after your own wellbeing
  • Managing post-lockdown anxiety

The booklet is available for download from – it is also available in other languages.

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